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Tongchuan JFs in 2002

Trevor Maxted. reports on the continued activity of these Chinese dinosaurs:

Tongchuan 21-23/1

Still 5 JF in use: 2113, 2182, 2365, 2368 & 2369. 21/1 very polluted, better up the line with hazy sun and -2C. Two JF hauled coal trains to Wangshiwa at 1030 and 1230 chimney first. Only 2182 of the five was facing south.

22/1 polluted at Tongchuan but clear(!) up the line, -3C.

2113 ran to Meijiaping for attention early AM.
On the bank:
0930 2182 to Hongtou tender first
0945 2365 to Wangshiwa chimney first
1000 DF7 5218 to Dongpo
1015 DF7 3135 to Dongpo line
1030 2369 to Wangshiwa chimney first
1040 DF7 3134 to Dongpo line
1345 Diesel light engine to Dongpo line
1530 2365 to Wangshiwa chimney first
Pollution had crept up to the tunnel by 1500 so went back to Tongchuan Nan.

23/1 Slightly hazy/clear on the hill, -2c, clearer the other end of the tunnel.
0840 2182 tender first to Hongtou
1015 2365 to Wangshiwa chimney first
1230 DF7 5218 empties to Wangshiwa
1250 2182 return on loads from Hongtou
1400 2369 chimney first to Wangshiwa

During the three day visit Tongchuan itself remained generally very polluted though there was some better spells. The pollution tended to start drifting up the valley after 1400. I found the visit very worthwhile and hopefully will have some nice snaps to show from the trip. This is a very interesting operation and should be a must for a visit given the continual decline of steam in the country generally. All locos listed above on the line had trains unless shown.

These maps are taken from Bernd Seiler's January 1999 report:

Rob Dickinson