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Diesel Trials over the Jingpeng Pass

Bill Alborough has provided the following information (21st November 2001) which is from the Daban Chief of Motive Power for the JiTong Line. Comments and further information will, as always, be very welcome:

November 15th to 18th 1 x DF4D ex Baiqi Depot was borrowed for traction trials on Jingpeng Pass (Daban - Halokou).

A November 19th assessment meeting decided:

1. Diesel traction reduces Galidesitai - Jingpeng times by 60%, for the same load, or 35% more load is possible for similar timings.

2. Taking into account, first cost, fuel, maintenance and depot facilities, far more profit can be achieved by steam traction using two locos, against 1 diesel.

3. Baiqi depot confirms that since buying 6 diesels and operating them to Ben Hong, their profit compared to steam is lower. Hence the recent emphasis on more steam

4. Therefore Daban depot will continue with steam for 3-4 years, will not buy new or second-hand diesels until a further traction assessment in 2004.

(I find point 3 extraordinary if you assume that the railway has already paid for the diesels.... RD)

Hans Schaefer says "Coal delivered Daban comes at 230 Y per tonne. Diesel I only have the price to be paid at petrol stations, which is more than 3 Y per litre. (compared to 0.23 Y per kilogram coal)."

Rob Dickinson