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Jitong Steam November 2001

Hans Schaefer has sent the following notes on the JiTong line (all valid November 2001). Traffic is very heavy, often there are virtually no locomotives idle at Daban (which sort of makes paying 200Y or whatever to visit the shed area even less of a bargain RD)

This is the November 16th update from Hans.

Since November 17th the DF4 is travelling alone on its trains. Until then it had a non-working QJ attached. Work is on even days from Daban, on odd days from Haoluku, always in daylight.

But they still send locos to Sujiatun, Mudanjiang, Changchun and JInzhou works for heavy repairs (see below). A heavy repair is good for two years. Daban has currently five engines away for repair.

This is the November 16th update.

The first DF4 arrived at Daban on November 13th. Baiqi based 4055 is here for a ten month trial on runs to Haoluku. Yesterday it hauled its first revenue freight to Haoluku: DF4, 3 freight cars, QJ, freight train. Today return from Haoluku to Daban with 2350 tons freight, no helper over Jingpeng pass! Still, today high level, managers say they do not intend to buy new DF4 next year. But you never know. From now on you will have at least one freight either east or westbound over the Jingpeng pass with diesel, every day.

Everything else still steam. QJ go to works every two years. From Daban, one is in Changchun, one in Sujiatun, one in Jinzhou (!!!), two in Mudanjiang. Intermediate repairs are still done in Fuxin, Dahushan, Zhangwu. Repair in Sujiatun costs 280.000 RMB. A new DF4 4 million RMB.

Baiqi runs typically 4-5 DF4 and about 10 QJ to Benhong.

Staying ovber night in Daban:

Tiedao Binguan costs 64 RMB per night. Warm water is rather cold, a bit run down, but very near station and depot.

Depot offers a place to to sleep at their premises for 100 RMB plus 15 for food. OK, but no privacy. Warm water en masse at all times. Ask Heliwen for that.

Baiqi has Tiedao Binguan for 40 Y at the depot. Warm water, state otherwise very good.

Daban got new internet cafe ca 200 m down from station, road to the right 50 meter, in new shop on south side, 3 rmb per hour. Better computers than at shop near station.

Photography betwenn Lindong and Yanmenmiao not so good. Typical afternoon position.

New stations: Toudi west of Jingpeng does not exist (wrong information on my page), Shangshuitou opened today. Hadashan and Sandi open already, with three tracks each.

This is the earlier report.

Sanggendalai to Xilinhaote looks set to open next summer. Many people name 1st August 2002 as the date, but management say they do not know. Most of the line has now rails, at least the first 75 km look like some rail going thing is driving there (draisines pulling basllast cars for example). Depot in Sangendalai far from ready, same with Xilinhaote station. Still places with only ballast north in the line, but rail most places, oinly sleepers few places.

Daban depot visit still 200 Yuan per person. Heliwen still main contact person. New station west of Kailu, as well as SanDi, HaDaShan, Shangshuitou. I will update my web pages when I come home. Many more stations rebuilt from 2 into 3 tracks. Hanlu diesel train operated by Aodu travel service, not Jitong. Losing money. Jitong only runs the steam passenger train which is cheaper than bus, and earns money. Number of emplyees on every steam train = 28. New station Sandi wrongly called Erdi in China rail timetable!!!!   Daban locos look better than ever before. with a new paint scheme.

Daban depot has an advanced surveillance system with some ten TV cameras around the depot. And loudspeakers. I found this beacuse I suddenly heard that someone was greeting me over the loudspeaker system. Operating scheme is like before.

Hanlu max speed in now 80.

Locomotive Allocation (I assume this is in 'Brigades' as the order is not sequential. RD)

Chabuga :

6853, 7164, 7163, 7038, 6988, 6572, 6478, 6757, 6385
6358, 6349, 6996, 6375, 7048, 7105, 6632, 7049

All in use or under repair. Total 17, all from Chabuga to Zhelimu.

Daban engines, same here, all in use or repair, nine in daily use to Chabuga, 27 to Haoluku on normal days, one shunting in Daban.

6517, 6763, 6639, 6301, 6577, 6986, 6230, 7041
7009, 7012, 7143, 6351, 6905, 6110, 6125, 7040
6786, 6878, 7137, 6630, 6274, 6638, 7112
6388, 6828, 6998, 6981, 6356, 6760, 6735
6978, 6925, 7037, 6576, 7002, 6580, 7063, 7010
6631, 6389, 7007, 6992, 6911, 6884, 6984

Total is 45

Baiqi (effective 5th Novenber 2001)

7162, 6855, 7141, 6764, 7118, 6304, 6633
7052, 7140, 6850, 6849, 6987, 6579
6568, 6636, 6835, 6214, 6997, 7138, 6912, 7043
6353, 6483, 7136, 7114, 7139, 6854, 7088, 6564
DF4 - 4054, 4055, 4069-72

These are all the locos in use. There are otherwise some stored engines.

Diesel use in Baiqi early November was 5 out of 6. Diesels are manned with three crews of three men, just like steam. They run just as steam engines. If they should run more, they would need to assign an extra crew to them.

Rob Dickinson