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Weihe Forestry Railway Shed and Yards

This page celebrates Weihe Forestry Railway shed and yards. Click on each thumbnail to open the full sized picture and then click the image to return to this page.

031 sits in the early morning sun in the yard at Weihe on 10th March 2002, no doubt it had worked in on an overnight log train.
It was a quiet day on the railway with all but one of the entire steam fleet in town presenting a perfect opportunity to visit the shed and yard which were normally almost deserted for long spells. 030 passes the shed which was a large and imposing building but little more than a bare shell inside.
030 was coming back from the turntable. Later, once the shadows had lifted from the area, 031 got the same treatment.
This is a distant view of the coaling point, behind is the passenger train waiting to depart with 031.
053 was getting fuelled and watered for service later on 10th March 2002.
054 is silhouetted while being serviced on 26th February 2003.
This was the view from the other side of 054. It was time to say goodbye to the railway and some 3 weeks later the last logging train ran.
On 11th March 2002, 054 comes off shed to work the afternoon passenger train.
By this time of year, the evening passenger train set out before sunset. The shadows are lengthening in the station as departure time approaches. Behind are the station buildings and the larger forestry department headquarters.

Rob Dickinson