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Weihe Forestry Railway Log Yards

This page celebrates the Weihe Forestry Railway log yards. . Click on each thumbnail to open the full sized picture and then click the image to return to this page.

The loading point above Shuangfeng closed after the 2000 season. Traffic on the line was light on 4th January 2000 which allowed me time to record the four legged traffic which brought in most of the logs.
Both cattle and horses were well represented, not recorded were the noisy blue 3 wheelers. 
With minimal equipment available, the logs were manoeuvered around the yard and hoisted on to the wagons.
One of the busiest log yards on the system was south west of Dongfeng. On 23rd February 2003, a set of empties is backed in.
There were several winches here and a full load was a combined effort. Here the part train is just being backed down to the far end of the yard. 
Finally the train is complete and sets off for the main line, studiously ignored by the local shunter.
In contrast, the loading point between Dongfeng and Shuangfeng was a tiny affair. On the same day, a train of empties coasts past downhill.
End of the road... 055 has just propelled a loaded train for its contents to join the log mountain at Weihe, on 8th January 2000.

Rob Dickinson