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Weihe Forestry Railway Empty Log Trains

This page celebrates the empty log trains at Weihe, proceeding from north to south and then east. Click on each thumbnail to open the full sized picture and then click the image to return to this page.

054 leaves Weihe on 3rd January 2000. At this point the railway passes under the main road which skirts the town on a high embankment which provides a fine vantage point. 
2001 was so cold that I failed to take out my note book to record train locos on most occasions. Here the empties go out early on the misty morning of 5th January. 
In contrast, seen at the same location, 034 went out in glorious early morning light on 7th March 2002.  
035 races along with its train of empties near the same spot on 9th January 2000.
At Zhenzhu, the main road swings away from the line to the west. A dirt track follows the line and provided easy access for us for our 3rd shot chasing the empties on 18th February 2003.
By the time 034 and its train reached the outskirts of Xiping on 7th March 2002 the light was still excellent.
031 leaves Xiping on 3rd January 2000. Traditionally there had been plenty of wood available in this area for fencing!
055 drifts through the summit cutting between Xiping and Pinglin on 10th January 2000. This was a location where timing was critical, there was only a short window of opportunity each day when the sun favoured the shot.
Just a couple of hundred metres further on, the line came out into the open. Despite running downhill, 033 left a fine exhaust trail on 3rd January 2000. After taking this shot, I walked along the line to where I found 031 leaving Xiping above.
At the bottom of hill, 033 coasts through Pinglin before starting on the second climb, 8th March 2002.
034 roars out of Pinglin past a small homestead which characterised many of the villages along the line, 24th February 2003.
030 drifts into the cutting at the top of the climb from Pinglin with a long train of empties on 18th February 2003.
All trains (in both directions) had a lengthy stop at Dongfeng for servicing. Beyond this point there were no severe grades and empty and full log trains were frequently shunted here. This was 035 on 6th March 2002.
033 crosses the main road between Qingshan and Chonghe on 7th March 2002.
Further on, we caught the train in the wide open valley before Chonghe. We didn't follow it further as 034 was waiting there with a full train.

Rob Dickinson