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Shibanxi Holiday 2011 - Day 15 - Making a Pig's Ear of Things

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The day started bright, but nothing like as bright as the day before. It was time to compromise, we all did some early train photography before the main business of the day which was to explore south of Bagou, in particular the tea estate which is one of Jin's many interests. I was relaxing before going up to shoot the second passenger train when #8's distinctive whistle brought me out for the return working of the day's second coal train:

I ambled through the tunnel and set up for the passenger train which duly obliged exactly as anticipated, it's so nice when man and machine can actually 'come together'.:

One effect of the construction of the valley road to Mamiao is that there is no truck traffic and this has led to a mini boom in light goods for the railway. Back at the station, today's items were being distributed in the traditional manner. There's always room for a little more on top but some things are best kept separate...

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson