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Shibanxi Holiday 2011 - Day 12 - 14 - Leaving on a Steam Train

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Actually in order to leave, you have to arrive first. Next up in a long line of guests were Jin Jizhou and his new bride, Zhang Wei.

This was the only thing that happened of any significance on Day 12 as the weather was again dire. At least they arrived on time unlike our Sichuanese guests on Day 13 (another zero of a day), we were told they were stuck in a traffic jam on the expressway but we also know they got lost between the Qianwei North exit and Shixi (if anyone reading this needs to know, it helps to follow the signs and turn left). By the time they arrived on the fourth passenger train it was almost dark and time for dinner. So we'll have to make do with Day 14's picture - at least taken after leaving a train - of JoJo Zhu and her two cousins. Any resemblance between JoJo and a younger Yuehong is purely coincidental.

JoJo is a Sichuan lass although these days she lives and works in Beijing. That left just one more family group due shortly and you can meet them on another page, but already our first visitors had left.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson