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Shibanxi Holiday 2011 - Day 4 in the sunshine

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If we had been 100% focused on gricing, then this would have been a brilliant day with four coal trains as well as the regular passengers and only thin high cloud. As it was, we could not commit fully ourselves to the camera work and, in any case, the first coal train ran in front of the early passenger. The second coal train ran before we were ready for action and we only just made the second passenger train:

We then took a long break, missing the third coal train and dragged ourselves out for the third passenger between Bagou and Huangcun - at this time of day, the sun is almost straight up and down the line, really I was only here for a bit of stock video:

Compared to the first few days, the temperature was now quite balmy so with the rest of the afternoon free of other commitments, we decided to sit out in the sun on the off chance there was another coal train, which there was just after 16.00 in soft late light. There must have been a cold snap in the short winter here as the banana plants have suffered horribly. One result of this is that it has opened up some possibilities around Bagou station:

Yuehong has a new 'toy' digital camera and she is proving a quick learner, here is her alternative take on some of today's action. Note the fruit trees in the first picture which are going to be a photograrphic headache very soon.:

Can this good weather possibly last another day before closing in for the weekend? We've set the alarm clock in anticipation...

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson