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Shibanxi Holiday 2011 - Day 3 in the sunshine

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Apart from the inevitable Chinese (non-steam) photographers, we had Shibanxi to ourselves because John Raby's group were on their way home. A dry, chilly night suggested we would have some bright weather and indeed it was so although there were varying amounts of thin, high cloud all day. There was an early coal train which must have set out in darkness which, like the first passenger train, we experienced from the comfort of warm bed. After breakfast we wandered up towards Jiaoba passing the track workers and a medium sized pig out for a stroll. One of the homes at the station has what seems to be some kind of shrew as a pet.

What I wanted to do was record the passenger train using the 'unusual line' here, however the still shot was distinctly plain and the train stopped in the wrong place for my video - one to be done again!

At least by the time the train came back, I had found a far more pleasant angle and the video action was also suitably more impressive:

We obviously hoped that next up would be a coal train, but instead it was a one coach tourist special which did the compulsory blow down trick, if the sun hadn't been shining I would have just sat and watched:

We checked out the new road round the back of Jiaoba and wandered back to Bagou where I made a minimal effort to shoot the afternoon passenger on the video. Still, to score 75% for decent weather on our first two days linesiding was very welcome, as always you just have to grab your chances when they come. There will be plenty of cloudy days to come for hiking in the hills or just resting up and recharging our batteries..

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson