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Shibanxi Holiday 2011 - New Boy #8

Long ago (December 2001) I visited the Pengzhou - Baishuihe line north of Chengdu during the same trip as my first visit to Shibanxi. However, the pictures were removed later when I ran out of space on my then server. When the line closed around 2004, I just assumed that the remaining steam locomotives would be scrapped but in fact two were bought by the Jiayang Company for eventual use here and I saw them in 2009, stored at the back of the shed at Shixi. Just before our own visit, John Raby reported seeing one of them in light steam at Shixi and later on a couple of short weekend workings to Mifeng. Later on in the trip I was able to make some detailed pictures to compare this loco with Shibanxi's own locos.

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We were therefore extremely happy to find it working the coal trains a couple of days later, especially as the weather was rather better than average. Firstly running downhill seen from the 'new road' between Xianrenjiao and Jiaoba. The first two wagons have 'Bagou bath house coal' and the next three most likely pit props for Huangcun's mine. The second picture is Yuehong's.

By the time it came back the light had half failed:

The late afternoon coal train didn't get to Bagou until 17.00 by which time we were in the restaurant but 8's distinctive shrill whistle sent me back to the guest house to capture the return working.

We don't have a hot line to the control office, so we'll just have to take pot luck in the days to come and make sure we take every chance to record it in action. At some stage, I'll have to catch it at Mifeng or Huangcun for a portrait shot - we don't go down to Shixi very often.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson