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Shibanxi Magic - Bagou Heritage - Huangcun Museum Photographic Collection

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There are a number of photographs in the old pit office building, many are simply gatherings of people but there are several real industrial gems, admittedly some appear elsewhere in the area but not in a way that makes it easy to photograph and reproduce them. I have found I have to photograph them slightly 'off-centre' to prevent unwanted reflections, please bear this in mind when viewing.

An early mine just below Bagou in the valley towards Ma Miao.

A tramway in the Qianwei area:

 The original mine at Bagou in the 1930s, the manager's house shown today on another page appears to be that on the middle right, apart from it and a few buildings close to it, the scene has totally changed today - there is a track out of Bagou from which this can be viewed.

Original Bagou winder seen above

First train on the railway, 1959

Early days of C2s on the line - at Huangcun in the 1960s.

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Rob Dickinson