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Shibanxi Holiday 2009 - Animal Crackers

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The Shibanxi railway is crawling with wildlife but most of it like the metre long snake that wriggled across my path at Xianrenjiao is camera shy...

Seen on a sweet corn plant near the centre of Bagou, this is small compared to many spiders...

Spotted by Yuehong above Bagou were these small but colouful spiders:

There are butterflies everywhere...

These days a 'river crab' in China is not always like this one in Bagou:

Frying this afternoon...

Don't be misled, the bars are just for humans... 

When your wife cries for you to come to the bedroom, you don't hesitate: 

Fro some reason I don't know, goats are rare in the area, this one was spotted with three others half way up the hill to 'Water Heart Village'.

The reverse journey will be less comfortable:

This is their likely final journey:

Endangered species.. Four legs good, two (or four) wheels better.

Sizewise, the amiable water buffaloes are at the top of the tree - these were spotted on the back path from Bagou to Jiaoba.

Rob Dickinson