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Shibanxi Holiday 2009 - Shibanxi People

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It's not always easy on a fundamentally steam website to convey the beauty of Shibanxi in terms of its people, I find it very intrusive to photograph strangers going about their daily business - if they did it to me I would be upset... The people in the market in Bagou tend to be an exception to this rule, they are in the public gaze and they all know me from many visits:

The tailor:

The egg sellers:

The tafu sellers:

The sticky rice sellers

Tobacco seller and watch repairer:

Bagou life being sort of timeless the latter doubles as the demon barber:

The shoe maker:

For those who think I have the combined tact and subtlety of a rampant billy goat and tom cat in season, it's simply not true as these pictures show, firstly with the Tian Ya lady's number 1 son who bears more than a passing resemblance in many ways to my stepson Yiran 5 years ago:

The original Mr. Liew whom Yuehong befriended at HQ (not difficult after he mistakenly assumed she was Japanese) has retired to Leshan and this is his namesake in the transport office who took care of us as before. 

And finally one of Bagou's better kept secret:

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson