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Shibanxi Magic - Bagou Heritage - Jiaoba

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As Bagou and Huangcun become a tourist 'Mecca' then so Jiaoba is likely to become even more of an industrial ruin. We spent a gloomy morning here seeing what was left of a mine which was closed in 1989, one of the residents showed us a closing day photograph:

When I first visited, the coal loader was already well out of use,
but the track underneath and the head shunt were still present.

The coal loader was reportedly served by a tramway,
the course of which can still be followed above and to the right:

The head of the single original shaft is present but sealed,
nearby (not shown) is what appears to be a former air vent.

Some former dormitories survive here on the east side but few are occupied.

The flats on the west side of the line are in the classic style
 but would probably not bear close inspection.

These double storey buildings seem to have 
passed the test of time and consumer choice better.

Returning to Bagou, just below the area between the two tunnels
 are two classic buildings, the lower is in the British Style::

When the rest of Bagou has become a mini Lijiang,
then these may remain as a true historical record:

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Rob Dickinson