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Yuehong has done some local searching on the web (added 15th June 2009) and has come up with a series of pages which have old pictures, some of which feature in the Huangcun Museum Photographic Collection page:

The master page is (link broken 5th April 2019) , but as it is all in Chinese may we suggest the following of most interest to readers of these pages:

Jiaoba - (link broken 5th April 2019) 
Yuejin - (link broken 5th April 2019)  
Huangcun closure day - (link broken 5th April 2019) 
Railway pictures - (link broken 5th April 2019) 

There are lots of sections of very variable interest available on, the thumbnails suggest the subject matter, specifically there are masses of recent pictures of the trains here taken by local enthusiasts (link broken 5th April 2019) 

When I first came to Bagou, admittedly in December 2001 when 'overcast' does not do justice to the damp and gloom, all the major buildings were showing signs of distress owing to total neglect for more than 10 years. Now in 2009, they have been cleaned up, protected against the weather to some extent and await restoration as resources allow (= lots and lots of money). It is clear that almost every building has been surveyed and recorded and a number of simple explanatory signs attached. In a country where the equivalent of words like 'sympathetic restoration' do not normally exist, even an old cynic like me has to express approval. There's no steam at all on the linked pages but a (pictorial) wander around the town is an essential part of understanding the Shibanxi experience. This picture was taken in Bagou at least 20 years ago.

Now the buildings are labelled, I can appreciate that developments here took place in a variety of stages initially involving foreign partners such as the British and Russians. It made for several fascinating walks around the town in between the trains or when the weather was uncooperative.

A = Station B = Main Square C = Tian Ya Guest House D = Restaurant

Of course, if you've been to Shibanxi, you've probably included many of the heritage buildings without always realising it:

Passing the old coal loader at Jiaoba

Passing the Auditorium and Hostel by the Main Square

Passing the 'Ordinary Settlement' by the Main Square

Passing the Binhe Residential Community

Passing the Occupational Disease Clinic at Huangcun

The former Pit Office Building at Huangcun

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