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Life in Yinghao Country

This is the third part of my report of a June 2004 visit to Yinghao. See also:

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Eating out in Yinghao

We arrived in Yinghao at 12.00 noon on Sunday. It is a one street town, it was packed with people streaming back from the local church, the most impressive building in the town by far. 

I would guess that at least half the town's population is Christian, most unusual for China. The title says it all - "Christian Calendar":  

Life in Huangmen, the site of the original coal mine is not dissimilar from Bago on the Shibanxi Railway although these people do at least have the benefit of a road.

And, as always, you can rely on the shoemaker for a smile:

In Yinghao town, few people have piped water, they rely on public wells:  

June in Henan is harvest time for the winter wheat:

Every day the grain is spread on the town's main street to dry:

Rob Dickinson