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Eating out in Yinghao

This is the fourth part of my report of a June 2004 visit to Yinghao. See also:

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Life in Yinghao Country

One of the saddest predictions I can make about future visitors to Yinghao is that only a few independent travellers will actually spend any money in the town, let alone actually stay there. It is extremely poor and could do with their business. One day, we saw a solitary Japanese visitor in a large minibus with plates from Inner Mongolia. He certainly didn't stay in Yinghao and will have contributed nothing (not even a smile) to the area....

Not enough visitors to China take the opportunity to eat out locally. This was one of our breakfast spots:

The bread is freshly fried.... 

and best washed down with the local green beer (based on a kind of cucumber), at 2.8% ABV hardly intoxicating at all. The bill would give you plenty of change from a Y5 note.

For lunch why not try peaches at Y2 a kilo?

For the evening meal, you get your noodles 'made to measure'....

and by now it is time for the more normal beer:

Rob Dickinson