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600mm gauge coal tramways round Nanpiao, December 2003

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First up is the electrified railway at Zaojiatun. Note different style locos and trucks. The train at the back is for the 'main line' to Zaojiatun, that at the front shuttles to a nearby transhipment siding. 

The main line train has gone round the balloon loop and has loaded up. Note wooden pit props and winding house behind. The engine shed is on the left: 

This mine, just across the valley, is about as small as it gets:

This has to count as medium size at Sanjiazi:

This is the push part of the mine 600mm system at Sanjiazi which connects end on with an electrified line. The pictures show, a train wreck after it ran away down the slope, a bit of teamwork and how the wire should be used...:




The mine at Linghe has a short system which is partly electrified (the flat area in the background). It is mainly used to remove spoil:


The line up the spoil heap (behind) is cable operated of course and has a wider gauge, between 900 and 1000mm. The skips are tipped in this building, I only saw this one loco:


Rob Dickinson