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Tongchuan JFs 2003

Jim Hutzler's report follows. Greg Howells earlier report is below

Visited Tongchuan on April 1 as a day trip from Xian. Five engines were present:

2113 - working
2182 - in steam
2368 -  in light steam
2369 -  working
2365 - dead

We arrived Tongchuan Nan station around 09.00 to find 2182, 2368, 2365 together on storage track, and 2113 on nearby ready track with crew onboard. Shortly thereafter 2369 came in light from southwest direction branch track at south end of yard. 15 minutes later this engine continued north with one load of mine timbers, destination unknown, but we were to see her later in the afternoon at Tongchuan (city) station. 2113 worked a Wangshiwa mine trip smokebox first with empties at around 11.00, switched at the mine, and left with loads around 12.30. We returned to Xian in the late afternoon without seeing furthur line action.

We hired a minibus with driver and English speaking guide in Xian for the trip. Costs were very reasonable. Our guide named "Mily" was excellent. She can make arrangements for a vehicle.

Greg Howells is the latest to report on the dinosaurs:

During a business trip to Shanghai, I flew out to Xi’an for the weekend to visit the Tongchuan JFs with a return flight costing 1420Y.

Locos seen : 2113, 2182, 2369 – in use
2368 – in steam but did not move
2365 – dumped

Operation as per previous reports and steam only seen to Wangshiwa colliery. All locos chimney first to Wangshiwa.

Saturday 15 February

Cool, grey & overcast

Delayed flight landed at 00:05 and was put up in Aviation Hotel by the airline. Taxi from airport to Tongchuan city cost 260Y. Arrived at 10:00 and 2369 was sitting at Tongchuan Nan station, visible from the road. Checked into Red Rose Hotel – ok and reputedly the best in town. Prices 160–320 Yuan. Arranged via hotel for a taxi at 300Y/day.

11:15 2113 had joined 2369 at Nan station. 2365 (oou) & 2368 (in steam) were sitting in a siding below Nan station on the east side. An orange diesel was on the ash road. Staff claimed there was a train to Wangshiwa at 14:00.
11:40 Blue diesel arrived Tongchuan station light engine from the north.

Drove to Wangshiwa coal mine where there were 2 full rakes of wagons awaiting collection. 2182 appeared in the “station” log although I had not seen it.

13:33 DF7 7001 on fulls, Shijiahe
13:53 2113 light engine uphill(!), Shijiahe.
14:30 2113 beat us to the coal mine where a rake of empties had appeared. Perhaps 7001 had been to Wangshiwa with a double load of empties because it was unlikely that 2113 could have picked the wagons up at Qiaoliliang in the time.
14:40 2113 shunted and then departed to Tongchuan Nan
15:05 2113 on fulls, Shijiahe.
2182 had appeared at Togchuan Nan. New rake of empties in station.
15:35 2113 arrived at Tongchuan Nan before disappearing to the south – to the shed?

DF4 passed southbound - perhaps having dropped off a rake of empties that were in station
DF7 3065 (orange) arrived with a few tanks and vans
DF4 arrived light engine from the south.

20:00 2113 sitting in Tongchuan Nan station begging for a night shot. Unfortunately I had not brought my tripod.

Sunday 16 February

Slight overnight frost. Grey & overcast.

2365 (oou), 2368 & 2182 in steam in siding
DF7 3064 & 2113 on ash roads
DF4 1457 arrived light engine from south
2 rakes of 12 empties in Tongchuan Nan & staff said that there would be trains to Wangshiwa at 10:00 & 14:00.
Drove to Shijiahe & walked up the line for about 3km and there were some good positions if there had been any light!

09:55 2369 on 12 empties above Shijiahe
10:35 2365 arr Wangshiwa coal mine where there were 2 rakes of fulls ready. 
11:25 Left Wangshiwa for Tongchuan Nan before 2369 departed.

At Tongchuan Nan, 2113 had disappeared, as had the 2 rakes of empties. These had been replaced by a rake of 20 empties.

14:20 At Shijiahe station the log showed that 2113 had brought empties up unseen, followed by 2 trains on the mainline and 2369 had returned with fulls.
14:40 DF4C ???? with fulls, Shijiahe 
15:07 2369 + 10 empties @ Shijiahe – in half sun!!
15:13 DF7 7001 + 12 fulls, Shijiahe
15:34 2369 arr Wangshiwa – grey again!!

16:30 Tongchuan Nan – heard steam (?2113?) dep with empties.

Monday 17 February

Taxi back to Xi’an airport took 1.25 hours. Flight delayed due to fog at Xi’an affecting the inbound plane.

Rob Dickinson