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Weihe Inbound Trains 2003

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We spent two nights in Chonghe (where the cost of living is reasonable once you forcibly confront the locals). Alas my plan to ride the trains to the far end of the line were thwarted as they were few and almost entirely nocturnal, so we ended up riding westwards.

This is Chonghe at dawn when yet another derailment (at Qingshan) had stopped traffic.

Storming towards Shuangfeng, with running repairs in progress. I boarded the caboose and 5 minutes later the train came to a halt with the locomotive (33) a failure.

Leaving Shuangfeng, steam leaks were more or less obligatory...

Possibly the most attractive spot on the line is the summit between Shuangfeng and Pinglin, first on telephoto and then the standard lens shot: 

If a loaded train is halted for a crossing at Shuangfeng, the other locomotive banks it to the summit. Here it drops off and returns to Shuangfeng.

Leaving Pinglin - we saw a double header here too, that should be on slide! I cocked up the digital shot of that one.

One of the wonders of digital photography is that when the glint shot fails by two minutes you can still do something. If only the hill behind Pinglin was 50 metres less high....

Climbing out of Pinglin with a banker, hackneyed but still a sight to behold. I saw one such train here with 15 loaded wagons.

And finally, everyone's favourite early morning approaching Weihe shot, but with a double header after yet another partial failure.....

Sic transit gloria.... I shall never forget Weihe.

Rob Dickinson