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Beitai - Locos at Work

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Apart from the trains for molten iron and slag, most work is tender first. Exceptionally SY 0322, the oldest locomotive here, sets back a load of coke into the blast furnace area: 

In contrasting 'supershine' condition, SY 1567 sets out for the steel mill at the south end of the site with a coal train.

SY 0825 sets back four slag cars into the tipping area:

While SY 1077 reverses its slag train into the tipping area:

SY 1114 propels its iron cars over the weigh bridge:

SY 1114 eases its load of molten iron past one of the blast furnaces:

Finally we see both kinds of tipping train with SY 1077 right passing SY 1114 on the left pausing for a midday crew change:

Rob Dickinson