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Beitai - Loco Gallery

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There are reported to be 19 SYs of which we saw 17 (all active):
0322, 0448, 0792, 0825, 0864, 0930, 1005, 1054, 1077, 1114, 1131, 1514, 1560, 1561, 1577, 1648 and 2019. This adds 1077 to David Longman's list. Louis Cerny additionally reported 1684 and Bill Alborough 1567 which would make the full complement.

At Beitai, standards are good, although the locomotives which deal with molten iron and slag are necessarily more 'well used' in appearance. 

SY 1560 outside the shed is one of several in 'supershine' condition: 

While inside SY 1131 prepares for duty:

The mill has at least one standard Chinese steam crane:

SY 1077 stands before one of the six blast furnaces:

SY 2019 is the 'odd one out; being built (I assume) in Jinan, the rest being the common Tangshan products.

Rob Dickinson