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The Shanhetun Forestry Railway 2002 in Pictures - Part 2

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Part 1 - Shanhetun to Sanchahe

Part 3 - Baoshan branch

Part 4 - Qianjin and Baishila area

This section covers the area in and around Sanrenban.

Sanrenban Holiday Inn:

Sanrenban Holiday Inn

Arriving at Sanrenban::

Arriving at Sanrenban

Arriving at Sanrenban::

Arriving at Sanrenban

Servicing at Sanrenban heading east::

Servicing at Sanrenban heading east

Cleaning the fire:

Cleaning the fire

Log train at Sanrenban:

Log train at Sanrenban

Log train leaves Sanrenban:

Sanrenban departure

Nearing Sanchahe:

Nearing Sanchahe

Rob Dickinson