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The Shanhetun Forestry Railway 2002 in Pictures - Part 1

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Part 2 - Sanrenban area

Part 3 - Baoshan branch

Part 4 - Qianjin and Baishila area

This section of pictures covers the central area through Shahezi towards Sanrenban.

Shanhetun shed:

Shanhetun shed

Arrival of a log train at Shanhetun:

Shanhetun arrival

Approaching Shahezi:

Approaching Shahezi

Approaching Shahezi:

Approaching Shahezi

The bridge at Shahezi:

Shahezi bridge

Shahezi servicing:

Shahezi servicing

Trains cross at Shenjiaying:

Trains cross at Shenjiaying

Heading for Sanchahe:

Heading for Sanchahe

Rob Dickinson